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FDT 2 week 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

FDT 2 week 2 - Essay Example I am convinced that border security means more than just the concept of the legal documentation of people coming in and out of a certain state. It means on the other hand regulation of activities, such as in line with business transactions, socio-economic and political transactions. These transactions if closely observed are bringing in substantial link to the prevailing level of security of a nation. When we talk about security, it should encompass everything. Border security therefore should in as much as possible, cover everything, from sociological aspects down to economic and political considerations. After all, understanding border means nothing if it does not have significant link to the socio-economic and political point of views in the society. Thus, with what the author posted, border security has been given a specific and detailed meaning, but in a general context of the term, there is much essential substance that is essential in order to justify further the broad framework of

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Arabic Women in Leadership Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Arabic Women in Leadership - Term Paper Example In order to find the position of Arab women as leaders within various organizations, this paper will first discuss the social and traditional mindset towards Arab women where they are viewed as primarily suitable for domestic work; then it will discuss gender discrimination in workplaces in Middle East, and explore to seek whether men have innately better leadership qualities then women. While studying these issues the paper will also discuss the fine thread balance that working women must maintain between their professional and family life, the various obstacles that they face while entering the line of businesses, the indicators that are signaling a change for the rights of Arab women and the training programs or ways for leadership development focused on improving the workplace situation of Arab women.    Discussion Traditional gender bias in domestic labor in the Arab countries: Increased participation of women in workplace (primarily after WWI and WWII) had led to a kind of re volution that broke down the age old notion of division of labor where it was believed that in a family, men were breadwinners, while women took part in the domestic chores (unpaid), and were dependent on their male members for support of a financial kind (Blau, 1964). The bargaining and contract models, social exchange models had once predicted that increased participation of women in the workforce would bring them more freedom and justice both in office, and in home as regards fair division of unpaid domestic labor (England and Farkas, 1986). However this did not take place in reality and women were still facing bias, where they were still being viewed as being more suitable... This essay discusses that there have been some perceivable changes in the Middle East countries in the area of private businesses, with more women are forming their own enterprises, thus slowly changing the equation of a woman role in the national economy (ibid). Here OECD presents encouraging figures, where it shows that in Bahrain, in the 1960s, women workforce comprised of only around 5% of the total labor force of the country, compared to an average 30% women workforce in the US during the same time.Similarly, inâ€Å"United Arab Emirates, where female-owned businesses faired considerably better than those in the US in 2007, with 33% of the Emirate companies surveyed earning annual revenues of more than US$100,000, compared to only 13% of women-owned businesses in the US in the same year†¦.and from 1990 to 2003, women's share of economic activity in the MENA region increased by a fifth. In the Arab countries, there is no doubt that the patriarchal mindset is still widely pr evalent and women still considered more suitable for unpaid domestic work. Women are treated with general bias at workplaces, and especially so while selecting candidates for top managerial posts in a company when they are overlooked simply for their sex without any consideration for their capabilities or efficiencies. To make complete use of the economic potential, both men and women in the Arab countries must be given equal opportunities at the workplace, or else, the economy of these regions would always remain underused.

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A Case of Multiple Personality Essay Example for Free

A Case of Multiple Personality Essay Multiple Personality disorder, commonly known today as Dissacoiative identity disorder. Often consisting of two or more personalities within one person. It is not related in any way to Schizophrenia, where a person might experience hallucinations. The purpose of this review is to analyse the journal article, ‘ A Case of Multiple Personality’ written by Thigpen and Cleckley (1954). Also known for writing the book ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ in which later became a very successful film, both earned them, vast amounts of money. The article leads to a varied and interesting case study of ‘Eve White’ real name (Christine Sizemore ) who was diagnosed and treated by the author and psychologist ‘Thigpen,’ and who later identified her three personalities. Eve experienced emotional problems from quite an early age. She was physically punished when she misbehaved and witnessed childhood trauma’s. These included horrendous accidents that occurred before the age of three. One incident involved her mother badly cutting her arm. This was thought to be the trigger point of her illness, and the development of her personalities. Later in life she suffered personal frustrations and marital conflicts. She sort medical advice because she was experiencing headaches and at times suffered from amnesia. When diagnosed by Thigpen, Eve’s personalities would change under hypnosis from Eve White, a shy, withdrawn character, in contrast to Eve Black a relaxed and confident person with no inhibitions, and more erotic tendencies . later came the discovery of Jane who seem to hover around the two personalities. Jane seemed to appear when under hypnosis with Eve black, when apparently faced with a difficult question about Eve White. The Psychometric and projective testing, was a mixture of interviews, patient and family observation, hypnosis, EEG tests, memory tests, ink blot tests and intelligence tests. The procedure, showed some support for Thigpen’s case study, such as the EEG tracing, showed signs of one of her character’s ‘Eve black’ as between border line normal and slightly fast. This sometimes can indicate a psychopathic personality (Manter 1953) However her other two personalities tracings, appeared to be completely normal. The use of family members for circumstantial evidence and interviews, also helped supply reliable data to support the case study. However, some psychologists and psychiatrists have showed concerns that MPD might be diagnosed too often, and could be influenced by suggestion and expectation, to achieve a diagnosis. It was suggested that Thigpen might have had expectations of a third personality, and under suggestion ‘Jane’ was created. The question of the reliability of the hypnosis used on Eve could indeed be problematic if this was the case. Ross Norton and Wezney ( 1989 ) indicated that, some people readily make things up during hypnosis and have difficulties distinguishing between hypnotic confabulations and real names. Or taking another view, it could be a case of sheer manipulation, for example, Eve could of developed the personalities to seek attention from the therapist or held a fascination for him. However lets not assume that Thigpen,s diagnosis is wrong, Eve could have unconsciously, created these personalities to hide herself from the pain. The incidence of past childhood trauma in its extremity could itself cause a child to dissociate oneself from pain, she found to extreme to cope with . The creation of these different identities was surely some sort of escapism, that seems to be a self protecting natural occurrence. Thigpen was the person to correctly diagnose Eve, with Multiple personality disorder. However he did not cure her, and hardly asked nothing of Eve, for example, ‘if she thought she was cured. ’To Eve her distress was still apparent and she was still experiencing episodes of MPD. She went on to experience further personalities, a total of twenty two altogether. Over years of continued therapy, Eve eventually sort help with a Dr Tony Tsitos (1970). Tsitos, chose not to prompt Eve for her personalities under hypnosis. In contrast, Thigpen readily used hypnosis on Eve, Tsitos feared he use of suggestion might reinforce her different personalities. Each time a personality appeared, Tsitos ignored it and encouraged Eve to take responsibility for her personalities. It is said that this treatment eventually cured her. Another interesting case study of MPD, was a art student named ‘Sybil’ real name ( Shirley Mason) who experienced sixteen separate personalities. Sybi l it was alleged, had previously experienced, sadistic childhood ‘sexual abuse,’ by the hands of her mother. This had left her with extreme psychological scars. The case study also attracted a high degree of media coverage, in comparison with Eve’s case, the therapist and author also earned them huge amounts of money. In 1998 the case study of Sybil, was reinvestigated by a ’Robert Rieber’ who later listened to some of the tapes recorded in therapy with a Dr Milber, ( Freudian psychoanalyst ). Rieber thought that the psychoanalyst had, had some influence over Sybil and seemed to reinforce her personalities. Sybil also said, that she was encouraged to be one of her personalities, who was ‘Helen’ by the psychiatrist. Sybil said ‘she was not happy about this, has she was more happy being herself. ’(Sybil 1998). In comparison, could Thigpen have been looking for a case of MPD in Eve, and if so was she a prime example of it. For example, how reliable was the hypnosis and Eve’s memory ? can we at times over estimate how own thoughts, and if so could this have a effect on the data evidence, if so how reliable was it. Finally, looking at the study from a ethical point of view, was the case study reliable at all, when ‘Thigpen and Cleckly’ ask us to decide on the outcome of it ?. In conclusion, to critically analyse the role of Thigpen in the diagnosis of Eves ‘multi personality disorder,’ is to determine whether he unconsciously created MPD in Eve. And if so could this have influenced her in anyway, into believing she had the disorder. Eve indeed could have been exploited by the therapists, however, this remains to be seen. Certainly when Eve White was under an hypnotic trance, more personalities appeared. The fact that suggestion could have made an impact on the diagnosis of another personality within Eve. Thigpen hardly looked in to the causes of Eves disorder, in her past history. When Eve was under hypnosis, and prompted with a question, she found hard to deal with, another personality seemed to appear. In fact the clues could have been there all along, without hypnosis. The psychological pain she suffered from childhood, and Eve‘s apparent dissociation from the pain, was her coping mechanism that she had learned to adapt to, in some sort of bizarre way. She hid from the horrendous disturbances, and images from her childhood, like a child that would haunt her into adulthood.

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My Philosophy on Education Essay example -- Teaching Philosophy Educat

My Philosophy on Education My philosophy on education is based on the concept of sharing. Obviously, the most common form of sharing in education is the sharing of knowledge that occurs between a teacher and her students. Although I feel that this type of sharing is crucial, there are many other forms of sharing in education that I value extremely. The sharing of ideas amongst students is another necessary form of sharing in the area of education. I have seen firsthand how effective students teaching students can be. When an educator uses this type of sharing as a way of enforcing a lesson, she is making the process of learning much easier and more powerful. In addition, some students who have difficulty comprehending a teacher’s lesson may understand a fellow student’s slightly different approach to a concept. Another aspect of sharing that I personally find difficult is the sharing of time. It is clear that a teacher must devote hours inside and outside the classroom to be an excellent educator. On the other hand, students must also give an impresive amount of time to fully participate in the education experience. Parents also fit into this area of sharing, most children need parental attention in order to grow and develop properly. I find it incredibly frustrating when I hear about parents who are too busy with work and other activities to spend quality time with their children, but when their child starts to do poorly in school they immediately start blaming othe...

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The Beatles: the Greatest Band of All Time?

The Beatles: The Greatest Band of All Time? By: Erin Bozone Ask anyone. Read any music magazine. Go to any store. The Beatles are everywhere because of the legendary contributions they made to musical history and pop culture. They are frequently referred to as the greatest band of all time. But were they really? In this paper, I will compare and contrast two conflicting opinions on The Beatles: Howard Goodall’s documentary â€Å"20th Century Greats: The Beatles† and Piero Scaruffi’s written criticism on the band.I began reading Scaruffi’s web-based criticism, and despite being fore-warned of his unpleasant disposition, found its cynical and loathsome attitude to be unpleasant to read. Throughout the entire piece of writing, Scaruffi never ceased his constant verbal attack on The Fab Four, mercilessly calling them mediocre and generally uncreative musicians. He numerously accuses them of shameless imitation of other groups. He makes it very clear that he on ly believes The Beatles achieved their colossal fame due to extreme luck and just being at the right place at the right time.They arrived just as the white middle class were beginning to feel untrustworthy of the African-American-influenced Rock and Roll. They emerged out of nowhere with a polished and tamer version, stripped of it’s black roots that was more appealing and erased the idea it was a bad influence on the youth of the time. Scaruffi doesn’t believe The Beatles to be as world-shatteringly revolutionary as every single other person on the face of planet Earth does, bluntly stating that â€Å"Their music was just easy to sell to the masses†¦ nd they were photogenic†. Scaruffi credits their immense success not to musical ability, but to the fact that they were sellable, appealed to a broad audience, and had an infinitely accomplished producer. Scaruffi knows that George Martin was acutely influential on The Beatles musical choices and techniques. H e gets this right, although is cruel in his implied beliefs that none of the Beatles themselves contributed a single thing. I believe that he is unfair stating generally that The Beatles are ntalented and unoriginal. I believe this could maybe be applied to the shallow, simple music they were creating early in their career, but to say that overall they didn’t contribute anything at all wonderful is untrue. Over the short decade, they created, experimented and expanded so much that it is practically unfathomable. He does, however, offer slight praise of some elements of their later works such as Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and rightfully so. After Scaruffi’s dismal, cutting composition, I warmly welcomed Howard Goodall’s Documentary â€Å"20th Century Greats: The Beatles†. I expected a much more adoring view that would better match my own opinions and that would generally be pleasant to watch. I was sadly mistaken . First of all, Goodall insists on singing the songs himself and only occasionally plays the original recording, which was unimaginably irritating to me, at least.And not only was Goodall incessantly annoying as a narrator, he blindly worships The Beatles while offering useless information. The entire documentary describes in minute detail about the musical techniques that The Fab Four used to revolutionize music, when really they had no idea they were even using them as they were writing the songs. The only person who would’ve had an idea they were using these fancy tactics accidentally would be George Martin. I did not hear Goodall mention George Martin once†¦ and if he had, it must have been in passing.The only thing that Goodall got exactly right was the fact that they were brilliant at translating their feelings into music while virtually having no idea what they were doing musically, and that they did, indeed, change music forever. My own personal opinion, I think, would be somewhere in the exact middle between these two polar opposites. I love the music that The Beatles have created and think they were just spectacularly wonderful, but I also am able to recognize that a large percent of their brilliance was also contributed by George Martin and I accept that.I think the most impressive thing about The Beatles as a musical group is how much they accomplished. In just 10 years, they created so much. The monstrous amount of material the created is staggering. And all while experimenting, re-inventing techniques and making them their own, growing, learning, changing and finding themselves within the music is just mind-blowing and inspiring. Works Cited Goodall, Howard, dir. â€Å"The Beatles. † Howard Goodall's 20th Century Greats. Channel 4: 2004. Television. Scaruffi, Piero. â€Å"The Beatles. † www. Scaruffi. com. N. p. , 1999. Web. 29 Nov 2011. .

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Homer s Iliad A Wealth Of Contradiction And Manipulation

ILIAD Homer’s Iliad is a wealth of contradiction and manipulation. The epic tale serves as a lesson in human nature and desire. It follows the journey of those involved in the Trojan War. Homer paints the arrogance and humility of man and God in the same manner. This concept is best illustrated through the many speeches found in the epic poem. Time and again, the cast of characters drive home their own desires and beliefs. Each individual is imploring their compatriots and enemies toward their desired goals which become evident in their choice of words. In an epic poem such as this, it is almost impossible to narrow down the choice of favored speeches. The first character of choice is Nestor. His wise and advisory role is best seen in his speech in Iliad 11. In his words to Patroklos, Nestor is a soldier. He falls into a limbo between the young man’s need for the heat of battle and the elder man’s reminiscence of what that battle really entails. It is a profound peek into a world weary man who still hasn’t decided what side he’s chosen. Nestor is his own champion. Throughout the Iliad, he delivers useful advice sandwiched between reminders of his own success and attributes. In Iliad 11, Nestor is the pivotal presence in changing the tide. Achilles has been sidelined through much of the battle. By his own choice, Achilles has changed the tide of the war. With this one speech, Nestor all but guarantees Achilles compliance. In this speech he uses his reputation to encourage

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What Theory Of Education Guide Your Personal Philosophy As...

What theory of nursing education and/or other theory of education guide your personal philosophy as a nurse educator? Why? Theory of nursing is believed that information provides students with the opportunity to build a range of powerful examples that gained from experience. The literature showed that there is a clear gap between what is taught in the classroom and what the student nurses experience in the clinical area (Saifan, A., AbuRuz, M. E., Masa deh, R., 2015). Some people call holistic healing new age but there is really nothing new about it. Socrates suggested that we should avoid focusing on just one sick part of the body saying that â€Å"for the part can never be well unless the whole is well (Munoz, H. E., 2013).† As a nurse educator, my personal philosophy is based on the principle that all students are deserving of a holistic education that provides care which integrates physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of the person’s life. Thus, allowing a student to discover themselves, their hunger for education, their strengths and weaknesses as well as their full capabilities. Students must be taught so that they can learn to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. By integrating teaching and learning theories that will allow the students to socialize during the learning process, allows students to teach as well as learn from one another. Providing students with access to hands-on activities and allowing a dequate time and space to use materialsShow MoreRelatedPerformance Appraisal For Nursing Essay1533 Words   |  7 Pagesthe viewer an indication of what the things is like (McKenna, 1970, p12)The nursing models are applied in nursing day to day because is the foundation of the actions nurses do. 12.6 Performance appraisal for nursing A central reason for the utilization of performance appraisal Pas is performance improvement (initially at the level of an individual employee, and ultimately at the level of an organization. Other fundamental reasons include as a basis for employment decisions eg promotion, terminationsRead MorePhilosopy of Nursing2433 Words   |  10 PagesRunning head: PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING Assignment #2 Philosophy of Nursing Nursing 324 Athabasca University Submitted to: Karen Polowick Submitted by:kelly gagnon Student #: Date: September 7, 2010 Good title page in APA format with running head and complete information Philosophy of Nursing For centuries the development of nursing knowledge has been influenced by numerous theorists and their respective theories. These theories have influenced, and continue to influence, nursingRead MoreEssay Nur 647e Complete Class2195 Words   |  9 Pagesfor the nurse educator role of your choice (either hospital-based or academic; ANA or NLN) in the assigned readings. Select one competency and share it with your classmates. Be sure to address why you selected the one you did. Discuss how you have already met it or how you plan to meet it as you embark on your journey as a nurse educator. Support your response with literature. How do you see health care reform affecting the role of the nurse educator? Use the literature to support your responseRead MoreA Nursng Manifesto2281 Words   |  10 PagesA Nursing Manifesto Amy Winchester Indiana Wesleyan University GNUR 510 Theoretical Perspectives for Nurse Educators May 20th, 2015 I have read and understand the plagiarism policy as outline in the syllabus and the section in the Catalog relating to the IWU Honesty/Cheating Policy. By affixing this statement to the title page of my paper, I certify that I have not cheated or plagiarized in the process of completing this assignment. If it is found that cheating and/or plagiarism did takeRead MoreLearning and Assessment in Practice3754 Words   |  16 Pagesdemonstrate the enabling of learners to integrate theory and practice, and (iv) critically evaluate a range of learning theories and teaching strategies to facilitate the integration of theory and practice. I will utilise Gibbs (1988) model of reflection, (as cited in Quinn amp; Hughes, 2007). Gibbs’s (1988) reflective cycle encourages a clear description of the situation; analysis of feelings; evaluation and analysis of the experiences; conclusion of what I would do if the situation arose again; andRead MoreTeaching Sustainability For Children : A Transdisciplinarity Inquiry3779 Words   |  16 PagesI need to turn this document into an essay. It was just a rough draft to get ideas from literature read. I also need to put them it categories and have subtitles and even flow to document. Please add and take out what is not needed. Teaching Sustainability to Children: A Transdisciplinarity Inquiry Essay Debby Flickinger TSD 6526 ECOLOGY OF IDEAS California Institute of Integral Studies Abstract I was inspired by my own transpersonal experiencesRead MoreLeadership and Management2645 Words   |  11 Pages Course: NSG3LAM (Leadership and Management in Nursing) Subject: Assessment 2 In this essay, the writer will analyse the philosophy, vision and mission statements of her organization, as well as the philosophy of the nursing department and discuss these values which are reflected in the nursing management and leadership that currently exist on your her specific unit/ward. The writer is working at SGH (Singapore General Hospital). SGH mission is ‘‘we deliver quality care to every patientRead More My Philosophy Of Education Essay7393 Words   |  30 PagesMy Philosophy Of Education I have come to believe over the past year as a Professional Development School intern that one method or one teaching style limits the ability of the teacher and the students to learn effectively in the classroom. I believe that learning is a fluid activity and therefore changes constantly within the classroom community. I believe that we all are constructs of our past experiences and that these experiences influence the way we perform in our lives. The educationRead MorePrenatal Diagnosis5718 Words   |  23 Pagesof nursing. Nurses’ caring behavior is believed to enhance the patient’s health and well-being and to facilitate health promotion as well as patient’s ultimate curing. (Jean Weigand, 2006). Clinical instructors are expected to equipped students with knowledge and skills to become competent and prepare them in the future for their nursing profession. Caring education must be observe not only in the classroom setting but also during clinical exposure, this is to be able to guide students onRead Moreethical decision making16006 Words   |  65 Pageshealth nurses in each district were asked to select patients for the medication program. A terminally ill cancer patient who is in great pain begs the nurse for more medication than the physician has ordered. What should the nurse do? A man was diagnosed and treated for a venereal infection by his family nurse practitioner. He agreed that his wife should also be treated but he did not want her to know that he acquired the disease from a prostitute and infected her. He asked the nurse practitioner